Kettlebells? Barbells? What’s the difference?

Both of these implements have been around for centuries and offer their own unique abilities to strengthen the body.


The kettlebell provides strength and endurance to the body like nothing else can. The asymmetrical position of the weight in relation to the hand promotes unification of the shoulder while held in the rack of a trained practitioner ( think of a boxers hands).

When used for exercises such as the military press, squats, deadlifts or the Turkish get-up commonly known around the world for its unique way to help the body become one piece. becomes what is known as a grind lift. “Grind” refers to the slow controlled pressing, pulling or squatting movements and require constant muscle tension throughout the execution of the exercise.

When used for exercises such as swings, cleans, or snatches the kettlebell becomes a ballistic conditioning device. Why Ballistics? Ballistics refers to dynamic, explosive multi joint exercises. With Fast twitch muscle fibers which are your reflex fibers. They can be trained fast or heavy. They help the body retain its natural ability to handle the demands of life they should be trained along with.


The Barbell is known for helping create the strongest people to ever live. It’s ability to unify the arms allows for a more stable environment to load the upper and lower body.
Power lifting movements like the Squat, Bench press and Deadlift are imperative to develop maximum strength, size and a great way to increase bone density.

Olympic lifting movements like the snatch and clean and jerk require double overhead mobility. They allow us to develop strength and stability by increasing the range of motion and forcing the body to stabilize in challenging positions. Talk with one of our instructors to learn whatever path fits you.