A Hardstyle Academy enrollment comes with 4 classes per month, we start each student in our Prerequisite class. Here you will learn the basic movement patterns of hardstyle kettlebells combined with breathing and bracing techniques to lay the foundation for a solid physical education. Once you have learned the basics its time to put them into action. In 101 you will take the movements that you’ve learned in PreReq and use them to strengthen and condition your body during one of our many weekly classes.

The utilization of colored bracelets help students stay focused on their technique as they practice their movements. Providing a reward system for stronger technique and increased knowledge of movements. As well as allowing instructors to identify a students ability level for proper cueing and coaching.

A Strength Academy enrollment comes with one 50 min 1 on 1 session per month. Here you can choose from our selection of certified instructors to get coaching on anything you’re interested in. Anything from needing nutritional advice, working on your overhead mobility or as an additional session with your current instructor. Our instructors are happy to meet your needs.

Both enrollments come with full use of Hardstyle Academy during hours of operation, we do ask that students working with instructors be given priority to floor space and equipment at the facility.